About School

About School


Bequeathing to the world a generation of creative and active children who are full of wisdom, loyal to the country, and who form a respectful society.


To be a school that produces active and excellent people who are nourished with knowledge, equipped with skills, are full of creative abilities, have good character, are logical and disciplined, value national unity, are able to move forward through challenges, can adapt to the new world, and have a balanced personality.

St. John's Girls' School

St. John’s Girls’ School was founded by Mrs. Amelia Jansz in the year 1885 with the support of her husband Mr. Cyril Arnold Jansz who was the founder of St John’s Schools and Colleges. The girls school also came under the umbrella of the St John’s Schools and Colleges. It is in keeping with the idea that the girls school should flourish even in the absence of the founders that Mr. Cyril Arnold Jansz appointed Board of Trustees to see to the total wellbeing of the girl’s school. Thus, he gave sole ownership of the girl school to the Board of Trustees, comprising of one member from the Jansz family, three members from the Association of the Old Johnians and one member from the staff of the girls’ school.

Currently, Mr. Upul Abeywardena serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, with Mr. Ivan De Mel holding a position as a board member. Mrs Lakshila Ilapperuma, the Principal of the school is well supported by the Deputy Principal Mrs Anushka Abeyratne to develop the school in all spheres to cater to the growing needs of the hour.

At present the school stands as a very prestigious private girls school having more than 2000 students on roll from Lower Nursery to Advanced Level with a tutorial staff of more than 100. In keeping with the regulations of the Ministry of Education, the school functions and education is done in both Sinhala and English medium while the Advanced Level streams comprise of the main areas, namely Arts, Commerce and Science.

Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are also carried out to provide a wholesome education to the students and they take part in various competitions throughout the year bringing glory to the school.

St John’s Girls’ School stands strong and steady as a leading girls school especially for girls in and around Panadura, competing well with the leading schools in the island.

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